L’Oreal Consumer Testing: Get Free L’Oreal Products!

beauty, free stuff, Uncategorized / Thursday, June 20th, 2013
Do you love beauty products? Can you spend hours at the makeup counter discussing lip glosses? Does a new makeup display at CVS make you squeal with delight? Does browsing the skin care aisle get your heart palpitating? Stay calm. It’s perfectly normal.
L’Oreal wants you to indulge your love of beauty products by signing up to be a consumer tester for their products. You can sign up here to be a L’Oreal Consumer Tester. They will email you periodically, maybe once a month, with short surveys to determine if you are a candidate for a product test. If you qualify, they will mail you a product to try out and review over a period of days or weeks. Usually you get to keep the product you test.
Don’t fret if you never get picked to test products. If you complete five surveys, they will send you a thank you gift of full size products for continuing to work with them. I have never been selected, but they have twice sent me gifts. They don’t tell me when they are coming in the mail and it’s like Christmas! Check out the swag I got this week in the pic below!

Sign up now here and enjoy!

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