Stacking for Saving Big at Target

coupons, saving money, Target, Uncategorized / Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

I love Target. Love, love, love Target. And now that we recently moved right down the street from Target I get to spend a lot of time with Target, browsing their new home decor options, checking out the clothing clearance racks, and scoring some great deals with coupons! Target offers some awesome ways to stack savings.

Target allows you to stack their Target coupons with manufacturer coupons, allowing you to pair these with regular sale prices or clearance prices for deep discounts. But Target also allows for the trifecta of coupon stacking: stacking Target coupons and manufacturer coupons along with the coupons on Target’s Cartwheel app.

While at the store I like to also use Shopkick and Checkpoints (use code alice919 to sign up!) to get points for walking in and for scanning the barcodes of products in the store. The apps give you points for your walk-ins and scans which you can use to get gift cards. I usually get gift cards to, you guessed it, Target. Shopkick lets you get them right on your phone so you can earn it in the store and use it all at once! Maybe that’s why I spend so much time there…..

Did you also remember to stack your apps on top of your coupons? Even with the trifecta of coupons, you can still submit your receipts for rebates at SavingsStar, Jingit, ReceiptPal, Snap, StockUpIbotta, Checkout51, Shopmium (use referral code HGCCMKWQ for a free Lindt bar!), and ReceiptHog. Yes, there are often rebates on multiple apps that you can redeem, sometimes even for the same product!

Can’t remember your coupons or making an impromptu trip to Target, you know for that one item…oh look there’s a sale……10 items later you realize you should have brought your coupon binder because you are going to be there a while. Well, don’t fret because there are lots of other ways to save without coupons. The Penny Hoarder just published a fantastic article on how to save at Target without coupons to show you how.

I say its always best to have your coupons with you and shop only when you are planning on it (which nixes those impromptu binges). I always check my Cartwheel app when I go to the store and find myself veering off to look at clothing or items not on my list. Sometimes I score great deals with the Cartwheel app that I didn’t even plan on taking advantage of. I also check my apps for great deals I can score with cash back rebates. Plus, I just signed up for a Target Red Card debit card (did you know they have a debit card? It’s great!) so I get 5% off my purchase with the card and free shipping online. CaCHING!

Oh, and don’t forget your reusable bags! Target will give you 5 cents off for each reusable bag you use which saves you money and saves the planet from drowning in plastic bags made from nonrenewable oil resources. Double win.