Saving Money & Frugal Living

Here’s a compendium of my blog posts for your reading pleasure

Personal Finance
What The Government Shutdown Can Teach Us About Our Finances
Mortgaged Brains: Student Loans Aren’t Free *Guest post on The Financial Debt Blog
Coming Clean About Debt
Letting Go Of Old Ideas: F The Jones’
Why I Don’t Want to Be a Millionaire
Budgeting For My Sister’s Wedding
How To Budget A Month Ahead
Health Over Money *Featured on Blog Her
How To Handle Medical Bills (Without Freaking Out)
Why I’m Pumped To File My Taxes
Why I Took Out a $4000 Vacation Loan (When I’m Already in Debt)

Clothes, Beauty, & Shopping
Free Clothes for Frugal Fashionistas *Guest post on
Saving Money When Shopping Online
Save Money With Free Haircuts and Discounted Beauty Treatments *Guest post on
Get Free L’Oreal Products By Becoming A Consumer Tester
“I Can Only Return It” Only Works If You Actually Return It

Saving Money
Frugal Moving
Getting a Free Cell Phone: Why You Catch More Flies With Honey
Date Night: Saving Cash While Eating Out
Don’t Let The Man Push You (Or Your Wallet) Around

Frugal Living
How To Make Frugal (and Thoughtful) Holiday Ornament Gifts
Hark! Christmas Shopping Is Upon Us

Check out my post series on Making Do with What You’ve Got. Basics for living frugal and getting by on a shoestring:
Making Do With What You’ve Got: Part I: Making A Budget
Making Do With What You’ve Got: Part II: Balance Your Checkbook!
Making Do With What You’ve Got: Part III: Lower Your Bills
Making Do With What You’ve Got: Part IV: Ten Principles of Couponing
Making Do With What You’ve Got: Part V: Save for a Rainy Day (or Week)
Making Do With What You’ve Got: Part VI: Earn More

Also, check out my post series on Couponing Basics:
Couponing Basics: Part I: Couponing = Food Security
Couponing Basics: Part II: How do you get coupons?
Couponing Basics: Part III: Organization is Key
Couponing Basics: Part IV: Coupon Matchups

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