Guest Post: The Best Time of Year to Get Huge Deals on Your Big Purchases

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Please welcome Guest Post Contributor Jennifer Jones of The Frugal Mrs. Jones!

You’ve already heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but there’s so much more to know about seasonal deals. Really, the prices of big buys change like the weather. We’ve put together a handy guide that will help you get the best deals on your big purchases.

Clothing and suits are heavily discounted after the holidays because people tend to stock up beforehand. In January, stores begin sales on winter clothes, which will continue to be discounted throughout the winter.

Furniture and flooring usually go on sale around this time because demand drops and retailers try to get rid of old stock. New furniture styles usually come out in February, which means clearance on older furniture is common in January. As for flooring, most people replace their carpets in preparation for the holidays. Demand drops in January and so do prices.

Linens, bedding, and towels Retailers have been discounting these in January since 1878 in order to move stock. Many retailers continue the tradition, so if you need a fresh set of sheets, now is the time to buy them.

Phones Every manufacturer releases new models at different times of year. This means you need to look out for those times if you want to buy a specific brand. Usually older models become heavily discounted soon after a new release is announced. In January, the International Consumer Electronics Show takes place, meaning that many new technologies are announced. This means good deals on older models of phones in February.

Televisions are on sale as retailers are trying to get rid of older stock after Christmas and before new models are released. If you need to buy a new television, February is a great time to get good deals.

Computer monitors, like phones and television screens and many other electronics, tend to be cheap around this time.

Luggage Because March falls in between vacation seasons, shops drop prices on suitcases and carrier bags.

Golf Clubs New golf gear gets released in preparation for the summer. In March, retailers try to clear out older stock, making it the best time to get deals on golf clubs.

Sneakers Because the weather is getting warmer, many people buy running and sports shoes around this time. This means your local sports and shoes stores will be holding sales and deals on sneakers.

Digital Cameras Another result of the Consumer Electronics Show in January, older camera models become much cheaper around April, when new models have hit the stores. The best time to buy a digital camera, at least if you don’t necessarily want the newest model, is in the spring.

Refrigerators go on sale earlier than other large appliances because new versions are announced in May. When that happens, you get excellent deals on the older ones.

Mattresses tend to come out all year round, but there are often sales and deals on in the springtime.

Vacuum cleaners usually come out in June, so you’re bound to find some clearance deals before then.

Gym memberships and equipment are especially cheap in June, when everyone has forgotten their New Year’s resolutions, or are exercising outside. If you prefer going to the gym to going for a jog, or would like some equipment for your home, now is your chance.

Tools like DIY equipment and power tools are often heavily discounted in June before Father’s Day.

Furniture clearance round two happens in July, before more new models are released in August.

Home decor As July is the peak time for weddings, home decoration is often on sale in July.

Video games Experienced video gamers will know about the Steam Summer Sales. If you’re looking to download some new games, save money by doing it in late June and early July.

Dorm supplies like linens and storage containers are discounted around this time for the college preparation period. You can also find many cheap textbooks.

Swimwear the best time to get good deals on swimsuits is at the end of summer, when retailers try to get rid of their spring-summer inventory.

School supplies will be discounted in back-to-school sales. Now is your chance to buy stationery for cheap. If you can wait and you’re not worried about the selection available, wait a month or two until the stores are clearing their inventory.

Appliances September and October are the best time to buy big appliances (except refrigerators, which are cheaper in May). While new ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, and washing machines start coming out, you can grab the older models for cheaper.

Bicycles are seasonal too, with new models usually coming out around the end of riding season. September is a great time to save on older models, which are probably just as good.

Cars are often discounted in September because new models come out at the end of summer. The best time is at the end of the month, and don’t forget to haggle!

Lawnmowers Stores will be making space for winter supplies and equipment, meaning summer things like lawnmowers are heavily discounted. Naturally, the selection won’t be as good, but what there is will be very cheap.

Wine Because it’s harvest season, it’s the right time to stock up on wine.

Cookware Because the holidays are coming up, and deals start fairly early, it’s a good time to start looking for those kitchen supplies you’ve been dreaming of.

Gas grills The barbecue season is over and stores are getting rid of old stock. The same goes for patio furniture.

Air conditioners will also be discounted because people usually buy them during the summer.

Televisions and other electronics Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perfect occasions for great deals on these items. Just make sure you’re not being fooled into believing a regular price is a discounted one.

Tools Holiday sales are also a great time to stock up on tools.

Pools Who thinks about buying a pool in the middle of winter? Exactly! Get it while it’s cheap and you’ll already have saved on the fun of the summer to come.

Champagne becomes cheap around the holidays because brands are heavily competing. Stock up on the bubbly while the sales are on.

Toys and games also become heavily discounted around the holiday season. The closer to Christmas, the better the prices. Just don’t wait too long, or you might disappoint!


Jennifer Jones is inspired to teach people to live frugally to help people to take the stress out of their life and live to the fullest. Read more of her writing on The Frugal Mrs Jones.

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