Frugal Wins for the Week

debt, frugal living, saving money / Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Here are my frugal wins this week:

Cut my own grass while listening to the Marriage, Kids, & Money podcast and finished listening to the audiobook of The Bag Lady Papers which was entertaining.

I have been listening to audiobooks for free through the Libby app which lets me check them out from my local librarySpent the weekend doing fun and free activities like going to the library and visiting the zoo (which is free because we got a membership as a Christmas gift—awesome gift idea btw)

Thanks to Ibotta coupons that allowed me to stock up on some sale items and still stick to our grocery budget

Balanced the checkbook and paid the rest of our bills for the month, paid a medical bill, and have paid a chunk this month on debt. A couple of weeks ago we paid off a $500 debt to my parents for a loan they made to us to repair the air conditioning in my husband’s car. We also dropped off our list an old debt that was in collections because I contacted the company about paying it and they said they would not collect on it and that it was so old they had written it off. Our debt is now just squeaking under $150,000 and I’m super pumped to see it go down on‘s tracker.

Made several phone calls to my health insurance company and to a doctor’s office when I realized they coded a procedure at a higher rate than originally anticipated, which jacked up our co-pay and they billed us $100 for the difference. Ughh. Always check your explanation of benefits people and if something is not right, call to find out what happened. Hopefully, this works out and we won’t owe the extra amount.

I completed the health incentives offered by my health insurance company which gave me a credit of $120 to a prepaid card. I can use the money for medical expenses like prescriptions and copays, so that will build in more breathing room in our budget and allow us to move some of the money in the medical budget to debt payoff.

As usual, continued with my freelance writing and mystery shopping side hustles.

Created June’s budget and talked it over with my husband so we are on the same page and have the same game plan to follow. I’m feeling pumped about our progress and working together to make it happen.

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  1. Great ideas for paying down debt! It’s easy to procrastinate on some of these tedious tasks you describe, but your blog post is a good reminder of how these small gains can make huge dents in debt over time. I like the idea of a visual tracker for debt, and imagine that would feel very motivating.

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