Checkpoints App: Gift Cards for Scanning Barcodes

apps for stuff, free stuff, points, Uncategorized / Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

I am constantly on the lookout for fun and easy ways to make a bit of extra cash (those bills won’t pay themselves!).

I stumbled accross the Checkpoints App for iPhone and Android just a few months ago and already I have redeemed gift certificates to CVS!

The app is super easy to use, is free, and allows you to choose which rewards you want.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to to the Checkpoints site or look it up in the Android Market or the iPhone App Store.

2. Install the free app. **Enter the bonus code “alice919” for bonus points when you sign up!

3. Find the store you are at and check in for two points. It especially works well in grocery and drugstores.

4. Find the advertised items, scan the barcodes, and get points and coins. No need to buy the item!

5. Play the Jungle Scratcher or Lotto games to turn your coins into bonus points.

When you have as little as 300 points you can start to get prizes. I personally have decided that the CVS gift cards get you the most bang for your points as they go for 300 points per dollar and you can start at 600 points for a $2 gift card. The gift card is emailed to you and is easy to print and redeem. It holds its value like a regular gift card. They also offer gift cards to other stores like Shell gasoline, Subway, and the Home Depot to name a few. They also have other rewards that are not gift cards, like electronics.

Happy Checking-In!