Mystery Shopping Review: Corporate Research International

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UPDATE: Corporate Research International has merged with another company and is now called Stericycle ExpertSolutions. You can sign up with them here.

UPDATE: As of January 2020 the Stericycle mystery shopping site appears to be down.

Corporate Research International (CRI) is a legitimate mystery shopping company which I have personally worked for and have been paid by. The company contracts with retail stores, gas stations, restaurants and all kinds of other companies to mystery shop their stores. CRI hires people like you and me to be independent consultants (read: you are not an employee of CRI) and conduct these mystery shops. I live in the DC area and there are lots of mystery shop opportunities here offered by CRI. In addition, CRI has shops available across the 50 states and even is looking for international mystery shoppers in places like Puerto Rico, Mexico, Russia, Canada, India, Sinagpore, Spain, Malaysia, and Brazil (to name a few).

CRI offers online scheduling so you can log onto their website and view available mystery shops in your area. CRI has put together a short training presentation in their Auditor University area for each company to instruct you on how to conduct the mystery shop, which are quite helpful and easy to understand. The presentations are followed by a short quiz which is required before you can schedule yourself for shops for that company. Once you pass, you can assign yourself a mystery shop, print out the instructions, and get to it! Most of the mystery shops require a small purchase (which is usually reimbursed) and/or photographs to document your shop.

Shop questionnaires for CRI are completed online and usually require little writing. They will ask you many questions for which you fill in information from your receipt, select your answer from a list of given options, or write a few sentances to give details. Negative answers, where you said that the store was out of an item in stock or the store clerk did not do a required action, will need to be documented so make sure to explain what happened. You can upload photos of your receipt and other necessary photographs to the CRI website. Usually, my shop reports for CRI take only about 5-10 minutes since I take notes based on the shop questions right after I complete the mystery shop so it’s easy to remember what happened when I fill out the report.

Unlike most mystery shop companies, CRI pays quickly. Most companies will make you wait about a month to batch your shops together and send you payment, but CRI pays you the following Friday for any shops you complete. For example, shops that are completed and accepted on or before Monday are paid the following week on Friday. CRI can pay you by PayPal or by direct deposit to your bank account. I receive direct deposit payments from them and CRI will email me a few days before and say that I will be receiving a payment soon.

If you make a mistake on your mystery shop report, CRI will have a member of their staff email you and ask you to fix the report. Sometimes, a CRI staff member will call you to ask you to take a mystery shop in your area which they have to get completed soon, but you are free to decline if you can’t do it. CRI will raise their shop fees (that’s the amount they pay you) if a mystery shop is not completed so sometimes it’s best to wait to assign yourself a mystery shop as the fee may go up in a week. But then you are also taking a gamble that another shopper won’t take that shop. If you really want a shop, assign it to yourself and over time you will learn which shops in your area will go up in fees and are worth waiting on. When scheduling online, many shops for the current month only give you a 3 day window, so you often cannot schedule for next week. But sometimes the online scheduler shows shops that are for later dates and sometimes for the next month. Be sure to double check the date you sign up for and read over the paperwork carefully as failure to complete a shop correctly or at all can impact your shopper rating which, in turn, may lower your ability to complete shops for CRI in the future.

If you want to sign up to be a mystery shopper for Corporate Research International, you can email me at [email protected] and I will send you an invitation. Good luck!

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      2. I have received 5 checks ranging from $1000 to $2500 I have not deposited any of them except one I’m glad my finance saw right threw the fake check and knew it was a scam he wouldn’t let me withdraw the money until our bank said the check was cleared thank god we we’re only out the $13.00 the bank charged for cashing the check they sent me the check told me to deposit it in my checking account the go to the nearest Walgreen’s and get several american express prepaid cards in the amount of the check then I was to document the cashiers customer service name if he or she was polite etc.. Then I was to take pics of the front and back of them send my report and the pics threw SMS and keep 400.00 for myself. I’m going to report them to the BBB and the local sheriff’s department thank you for yr advise I’ve been trying to figure out what to do to help stop them before more innocent people r hurt also I would love and invite to come work for the real (CRI) thank u [email protected]

    1. Hi,
      I was panicking a little because I signed up with this company and received my first assignment. I then started getting alerts saying it’s a scam. I have been trying to find their website and more info but no luck until I came across your blog! Thank God! Just trying to get a hold of the right web site Thanks!

      1. Hi did you find out that they are for real? I just received a check and this does seem to meet the scam warning

        1. I knew that CRI was real because I signed up with them through their website, no one reached out to me unsolicited. They are now called Stericycle. They also do not pay via check. So if you received a check its probably fake. Especially if it was via unsolicited contact (ie. they reached out to you first).

      2. I received a check today for 1000 998 and $0.75 from first Madison Bank and Trust I need to know if this is a legitimate Enterprise the check was sent from Judith Bryant website is Judith Bryant at and administrative at22 phone number 636 231 5719

        1. Nope that is the hallmark of a classic scam and not actually from Corporate Research International, sorry

    2. I recently received a check and deposited it as told and my bank account was put on hold and check was fraudulent. It was for $1,996.50. Was this check from this company. It was drawn on Alpine Bank.

      1. Hi April,
        Yes, that sounds like someone impersonating the real mystery shopping company as Stericycle does not mail out checks.

    3. I received cashiers check from them also. I called the bank instantly to verify. It is 100% FRADULANT. Report to to prosecuting attorney and BBB

  1. Hello I receive a check in the mail for 1500 from your company and was wondering is this legit. I’m suppose to send Back 1300 and keep 200, this one is for Walmart money gram international

    1. Hi Kimberly! I do not work for Corporate Research International (now called Stericycle), but I know that they say on their website that there is a known scam out there where someone is misusing their name. Another reader also asked me the same question and received a check from someone purporting to be CRI. No legitimate mystery shopping company will send you a check and ask you to cash it and send the rest to them or someone else. That is not their business model and in fact it is the model of an advance fee scheme. What happens in an advance fee scheme is the check that you cashed will bounce after you have already sent the money to the scammer. Also, no mystery shopping company will contact you unsolicited. If you want to work for them you have to sign up with that company. Never respond to an unsolicited email or an ad online unless you are sure it is a legitimate MSPA-member mystery shopping company. Also, no mystery shopping gig pays $200 for ten minutes of your time. Most mystery shops will pay between $5-$15, depending on the complexity of the shop and the company offering it. Some very complex and time consuming shops have paid me $80 but that is the most I have received for a single mystery shop. Remember, if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

      1. 4/1/2016 Update on scam. I recently received the same kind of offer and alerted my bank with the info. The check was written from Patelco Credit Union in California and came Priority Mail to me. I am glad this site is available.

        1. Glad you are aware its a scam Linda! Please call your local police and pass any information along with the fake check to them.

          1. I received the same thing last week. Check in the amount of $2375.90. Glad I found your this site as well. I will contact the Police and pass the information to them.

            In the meantime, what information do you need from me in order to become a mystery shopper? Thanks in advance for your help.

          2. I also just received a check for $1995.00 with instructions to deposit it then withdraw funds after it had cleared. Then I was to go to money gram and send half to someone in Texas and the other half to another person in Texas. I have not done anything with it but have been communicating with the person who sent it supposedly they are from the Wow Exchange group and on the memo letter it says it’s a CRI company. I emailed the person with my concerns in doing this and said I decided not to do it and they replied in a rather forceful manner about how it was legit.

          3. I got one too for money gram job I brought it to police 1900 dollars o get 300 to send the them the balance in two money grams so watch

        2. I have also received a check from A+federal credit union with a Peter of instruction and a number and email to get back with them when.the task is done the amount of the check is 1950.49, they.wanted me to deposit it in my account I was concern so I didn’t…

      2. To the lady above and below my post, I have had the same. Problem with the company that you have. THEY KEEP CONTACTING ME! I will go to the POLICE and The FBI. I felt that the whole thing was a scam, so I was careful.
        Patel Co is the bank that the check came from, I know that Patel is an Indian surname for shopkeeper. I will follow-up with the above agencies. I lost nothing but I could have lost all that money and my bank account would have been closed. Good Luck and don’t speak with them at all.

        1. I also received a check for $1497.00 last week which I deposited in my bank. Five days later it was returned. Fortunately I did not use any of those funds, but I did use some personal funds. How stupid! I didn’t research until after the fact and should have waited one more day before doing anything, I would have seen that the check did not clear. I will report them to the appropriate authorities.

        2. Hey ladies how are you? I Thank God for Wisdom, I figured it was a scam so I told my husband that I was going to find out. I looked over the letter several times top to bottom left to right. The first thing that did not check our was the email, that triggered me to continue searching, I texted the phone number, no response. Then I goggled 2016CorporateResearchInternational. Oh boy I hit the jackpot, lol. Tank you for this website. I am taking the letter and the check for $2,425 to the Police. The name of the Bank on the check that they send me is Newbridge Bank.

      3. Uh oh. I received a check from CRI and was tondeposit , take my share of 300 and send to two different people in TX. I’ve deposited the check and it. Learned 10 minutes later…????? After reading all of these comments I’m. It going to touch the money any time soon. Any feedback is appreciated. TIA.

        1. Joanne, The check is likely counterfeit and will bounce. Depending on your relationship with your bank (ie. how much money you have in your account and how long you’ve had the account), they may credit the funds to you right away so you may think that the check cleared. But it can take up to 10 days for the check to return as counterfeit. Please report this scam to as well as your local police and FBI office.

      4. My daughter recently received a check from someone claiming to work for CRI. It was from Genco Federal Credit Union and was over $1300 which she was told to deposit..keep some for herself and some to buy an item and send the rest to someone in Texas and then let them know about the item etc.I looked it up and was pretty sure it was a scam and then found this website.So I am glad that i did this before she got ripped off.

    2. I received a check also about 2 days ago for 1979.00 to evaluate Walmart and money gram ! I’m glad I did my research

      1. My husband kept saying why would they send all of the money to me, and I send it to three other people and myself. It didn’t make sense. Well as far as I can tell from the Researchers that they targeted females. I guess they think that we are stupid or something. Wow, lol.

      1. I wanted to work for you guys I’m glad I researched after this word check and found u for real… How do I apply to work for you guys

        1. My blog doesn’t offer mystery shop jobs, but check out my blog’s page reviewing mystery shopping companies and sign up with some of those companies.

  2. I received a postal money order for $1000.. I’m supposed to deposit it in to my bank and then take $800 and do a money transfer at Walmart.. Keeping $200 for myself. Real or fake?

    1. It’s probably fake. Legit mystery shopping companies do not sent postal money orders for you to cash then send as a wire transfer. They also do not pay $200 for an easy mystery shop like that. Smells fake all over it. Report it to your local police and postal inspector since I’ll bet the money order is fake, no matter how real it looks.

      1. I got one of the checks and deposited it into account. It cleares but now im affraid it is fake what do i do?

        1. Hi Sabrina,
          So it has been 10 days since you asked this question and I am sure that the check has come back as returned/counterfeit by now. Sometimes the bank will automatically credit your account the money because they assume checks will clear, but then they will take the money back out of your account if the check doesn’t clear. So what happened? I hope you just deposited it as an experiment to see if it was real and didn’t actually withdraw any money to send to anyone. Good luck

  3. I have been working as a Mystery shopper for Bare International for the past 2 years.

    They are professional and reliable.

    They know what they want. Payments have never been an issue with them.

  4. I signed up as a mystery shopper for the first time with what I thought was your company. I was scammed out of $1,997.89. They sent me a check on City of Concord, City Hall, 41 Green Street, Concord, NH 03301-4255. I deposited check and it showed on my bank account that it was deposited so I thought that it was cleared to go through. The next day I withdrew what I was told so I could do assessment on MoneyGram and Walmart-2-Walmart because they had reports of employee rudeness, etc. The next time I checked my bank account it showed that the deposit was returned. I was not aware of these scams and I am now afraid to try any mystery shopper programs for fear that they are also scams. Will contact City of Concord, my State Attorney General and anyone else I can think of to notify and warn them of this scam. I am retired on medical disability and am on Social Security. I don’t know why there are such cruel and evil people in this world. The name of the person I was in contact with is Charles Fader. I have two phone numbers to contact him 330-818-9039 and 415-251-7081 and email is [email protected]. I don’t know if this information is any help to you in stopping them from using your company for scams but I hope it is.

    1. I’m so sorry that you were a victim of this scam Sharon. Unfortunately, scammer’s misuse the name of legit mystery shopping companies and give mystery shopping a bad name. There are lots of legit mystery shopping companies out there and I have reviewed several here on my blog. You should definitely report this scam and your loss to your local police, the FBI, and Pass along all the email correspondence you have had with them and any info on phone calls or other contact. Tell them where you were asked to wire the money to also. Hopefully they can take the info you have and investigate this. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately anyone can be a victim of these schemes if they do not know the warning signs. Mystery shopping does not involve cashing checks and wiring the money to someone else.

  5. Hello, I was just a victim in this whole skeem of a myster shopper business . I was send a money order and asked to deposit it . Then did my research like a dummy thinking it was a reliable source . What can I do now about this matter ?

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Jasmine! There are scammers that misuse legit mystery shopping companies’names all the time. Lke you said, you should always check them out and legit mystery shopping companies don’t ask you to cash checks for them. You should report it to your local police, your local FBI office, and which is a website to report internet crimes, even if you didn’t lose money. All kinds of smart people are victims of scams, so don’t beat yourself up. Just report it to the authorities who can investigate it.

    2. I was also a victim the police said that i was out the 1900 dollars. i have been sent 2 more recently i have bot been dumb enough to deposit. i wish i could get my money back.

  6. Hello earningmyowntwocents I’m glad I found your website b4 I cashed the check I received today in the mail. I knew it was to good to be true. Will more than likely drop it off at the police station along with the letter. Once again thanks.

  7. I received a Cashier’s Check for $1,995.00.. to complete a Mystery Shopper assignment. The instructions say to deposit the check. Then I am to withdraw all but $200 and purchase 2 separate money grams that will be sent to two separate individuals. And I keep the $200.00, I have deposited the check but I have not withdrawn any money. After reading your information I am going to talk to my banker and depending on what they tell me I will report it to the District Attorney who is a good friend of mine. The name on the bottom of the instruction sheet is 2015 Creative Research International. The assignment is to evaluate Money Gram for it’s efficiency. I hop it is not a scam but if it is I not only diO not lose any money I want to help put them in jail. I purposely notified them that I was 69 years old so that elder abuse might be an additional charge. Is there anything else I should do ? Or anything I have mentioned that I shouldn’t do? Thank you.
    Mahlon Reck

    1. Sounds like a scam up and down. I’m glad you identifies it as such. In addition to contacting the police or the DA, you should report it at Do not cash or deposit the check as it is most assuredly counterfeit.

  8. To whom this may concern:
    Hello I have a question for you and if possible could you answer me asap.I received a check from these people saying they wanted me to go to two locations,Moneygram stores and investigate their employees stating that they want me to see what their conduct is like for as dealing with the customers but they wanted me to send them $ 1,620 from a almost $ 2,000 check that they sent to me.I’ve been skeptical of this journey because it seems to good to be true which my earning would be $ 300. I’ve heard of these scams that people do and people end up getting in trouble for this mistake that they made and I don’t want to go through this type of druma for trying to earn extra for my education.So could you please give me some feed back on this situation so I can know what is what with these people.
    Thanks for your time
    Sincerely Yours

    1. Hey Robert,

      It’s probably a scam. As I stated earlier, legit mystery shopping companies don’t mail you checks to cash then wire the money to someone else. If it seems too good to be true then it probably is and in this case it is. Do not deposit the check or wire anyone any money. The check is fake and may appear to clear at first, but after a few days the bank will send it back as fraudulent and you will be out any money they credited to your account, especially if you withdrew cash to wire to someone else.

  9. my name is mary oseguera and i recieved a check just like this one and i did not cash it or anything cause i am not gonna fall for a scam and i keep getting texts from them and that they don’t want the check back they want me to cash it and deposit in my bank account but i will not do it cause i know and i do believe it is a scam and i am not gonna fall for a scam .

    1. Good catch Mary! Legit mystery shopping companies don’t mail you a check to cash like that

  10. Hi,
    My name is Rita and it looks like I have been scammed by Corporate Research International. In checking them out, they are fraudulent. How am I to proceed?
    I was happy to do the Secret Shopper job but too many issues arose. I’m going to visit my bank and tell them what has occurred. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to get into trouble for this. If I may ask, Please advise me as to how to proceed. The bank needs to know about this situation and I hope that they don’t try to cause trouble. Thanks for your diligence in helping people like me.
    Regards, RS.

    1. Hi Rita,

      There are some scammers out there who misuse the names of legit mystery shopping companies. Sorry this happened to you. Tell your bank and also call your local police. You can also file a report online at You won’t be in trouble for falling victim to it.


    1. Hi Deborah,

      Just to let you know, my blog is in no way associated with Corporate Research International or Stericycle. I do not offer mystery shopping services. If you are trying to get a message to someone concerning a mystery shop, this is not a forum for that.

      Also, from the sound of your message it seems that you may have fallen victim for a mystery shopping scam. Legitimate mystery shopping companies do not ask you to deposit checks into your account and then wire money to someone else. If that is what you are being instructed to do, please do not wire money to anyone. The check you deposited is likely fraudulent and will bounce. Please report this information to your local police, FBI office, and

      Best of luck to you!

  12. I see to sign up to mystery shop from the link on your blog, I am asked for my social security number. Why would they need that? I’d like to do this but I am not handing my as number over to anyone on the internet. Not to mention, I’ve read in several places that you should NEVER have to give up your as number to mystery shop!

    1. Yes, many mystery shopping companies will ask for your SSN when you sign up with them as they have to report your earnings to the IRS and issue you a 1099 if you earn over $600 in a year. This is standard practice but if you are concerned that the company is not legitimate please do further research online to verify the company. Also, many companies will allow you to defer giving them your SSN until you have made enough money to warrant a 1099 form. I usually defer to give my SSN if that is an option until I have completed some jobs for the company. Some companies will require you to give your SSN before you can be paid.

  13. I received a Patelco cashiers check for $1,699.00 and immediately went to Google. Nobody pays you $200.00 for little or no work. I’m glad I found your website because my first thought was (scam), and I was right. Thank you for the information of where to report them.

  14. Very helpful blog thanks for info regarding these fake checks. I will be contacting the police regarding this issue.

  15. Thank you very much for all this info. I got a check for $1991.00 with similar instructions… So glad I read this will not be doing anything with it..

  16. I am interested in secrete shopping job but I dont know if there sites or organisations accept secret shopper from Nigeria
    Thank you for your noble works on exposing secrete shopping scammers

    1. Abdullahi, I do not know of any mystery shopping companies that are in Nigeria and need shoppers from Nigeria. The Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) has branches covering North and South America, Latin America, Asia/Pacific, and Europe but I do not think they have branched into Africa yet. Sorry.

  17. Hi! I’m glad I found your blog, I got a priority mail today with a 1,330 check same thing as everyone else go to Walmart and then send $980 to someone and keep what’s left for me. I was really excited as every one else but all the red flags your saying came up. This company contacted me w a link to sign up! I never found them on my own…. Here’s were I’m confused the company name at the bottom of the page is 2016 Corporate Research International, is this a scam!? Is the check fake?!

    1. Michelle,

      Unfortunately, that sounds like a scam. There are scammers out there that misuse the name of legit mystery shopping companies. But CRI (now called Stericycle) or any other mystery shopping company will not contact you unsolicited. So the check is likely fake.

  18. Hello my name is Tonja I found your blog while doing research.I received a 2,495.50 check from the same company as Michelle. They used H&H federal credit union in Texas. I figured it was a scam as I haven’t requested to be a secret shopper. I will be turning this over to police tomorrow.

  19. They not only do it with mystery shopping but with I received a text stating she and her son was moving to our area and needed someone to help as far as having someone at their apartment they are renting so furniture they bought can be delivered and also someone to take care of their dog. I agreed and received a check in the mail. I deposited the check but never touched the money. The lady kept texting me wanting me to jump when she wanted me to do something. She was trying to get me to go to Walmart really bad. She kept sending texts while I was at work. Finally I sent her a text that told her I was at work and would contact her when I got home. Before I ever got home I received another text from her which I sent in return that I would not jump when she wanted something. Told her to supply the information I had already requested several times. I also told her that if she would not supply the information I would be buying a money order and returning it to the address on the envelope I received. She then tells me to buy 2 different orders for X amount each and make out to a different name and to keep the remaining amount for myself. I answered her text to inform her I planned to take all the text I had been saving on my phone down to the police department along with the deposit slip. Turn over all the names I had and the address she provided to send the money orders to. Never received another text.

    1. Yeah, these scams happen everywhere. Just remember, if it’s too good to be true it probably is. And if anyone sends you money in advance and asks you to send it to someone else, it’s a scam

  20. I got a check though the mail for 1,997.75 but I submitted my application online. But then it tells me to send the money two other guys thats where I am kinda iffy about this

  21. I too recieved a check for 2880.00$ an to deposit the money into my bank account then keep 300$ an 80$ for the initial transaction an then send half of the money to 2 ppl in Texas. I went to the bank today to deposit the check an the banker told me there is a high chance that the check will be returned an my account will be closed because the check maybe fraudulent. The tellertransaction me to do some research before I make this transaction an so I did an it led me to this. I really am glad I didnt go through with this you guys really helped me out alot .

    1. Hi Breana, glad I could help and I am glad you did not deposit the check. Kudos to the teller for identifying it as a fraud!

  22. Today I received a check for $2,890.00 from ?Corporate Research International?. The instructions in the accompanying xerox copy of a Moneygram International letter were to deposit the Cashier’s Check, let Beverly Cameron know that the check was received. This whole mess has SCAM written all over it. There are so many odd things about it all that I checked on the company and nothing in the info I received matches the supposedly real company of Corporate Research International. Also, there are differing names all over the place, the check itself, and different names on the letter. I am going to hold the check and see what happens.

  23. I was the stupid one that didn’t do my research before I cashed the check and follow thru with the assignment.
    now I’m out $1105. the check I cashed bounced. I’m going to the bank and get authority involve. I’m still communicating with the guy. They sent me another $3000 check.
    if you guys get contact by lucas Anderson, if that’s even his name. he’s the scammer.

  24. Hi I just received 1 of these checks & I am an active mystery shopper! I didn’t do anything with the check however now I’m REALLY NERVOUS TO DO ANY SHOPS! HOW DO I KNOW THEY DIDN’T SELL MY INFO TO THEM?? DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE CAUSE I DEFINITELY NEED THE $$ WITH CHRISTMAS COMING UP BUT I’M REALLY NERVOUS TO DO ANY SHOPS!

    1. Did you receive a check unsolicited? CRI/Stericycle doesn’t pay their shoppers by check and uses direct deposit instead, so it is not likely a legit check. Sorry

  25. I responded to an ad on CL and was told I would receive a check for doing shopping. Sure enough I received the check for $2650.00 from a legitimate bank (suntrust). I haven’t deposited the check yet. I’ve voiced my concerns via email to the person initiating the transaction (Dr Mark Haines) but haven’t received any reply yet as to what to do with the funds other than deposit it. Scam???

  26. I recieved the same thing today. A check for 2880.00. They wanted me to evaluate money gram and send two different people i Texas 1250 a piece and keep 300 for myself. Thank goodness i saw this. My husband was recently laid off and that 300 bucks woukd of jelped my family alot. I knew it was to good to be true. I am goig to be taking t dwn to rhe police station tomorrow.

  27. How do I contact someone about scam letters being sent out of address they are of it? I received a letter AND a $1460.18 ‘cashiers check’! WOW! Butt I called the bank and it was not issued from them! Imagine THAT.! But would like to report it.

  28. I “felt” for one of this scam.
    Luckily I found your page before I made any purchases.
    I informed my bank and hopefully will not have my account closed.
    The paid offer was $300, for buying 20 $100 Itunes gift cards.
    I doing the complain on the webpage and I will go to the police later today.

  29. I thought I signed up on a real mystery shopper website but looks like I didn’t. I received a check in the mail for 2850.00 to deposit and keep 300 for myself and money gram the rest to three people . I’m glad I read up on it because I was laid off from my job and don’t have much money so this would have cost me greatly. I received an email that they knew I received the check in my mailbox so I went to look and it was in my mailbox. He said to deposit it and in a couple of days go take the money out . It’s heart breaking that they prey on people who could really use the money

  30. Well, they are definitely still going at it. I appreciate your website and that all of these comments are available. I received a cashiers check yesterday with all the same info about depositing and withdrawing to do MoneyGram secret shopping. Since I wasn’t sure, I decided to research the company. The bottom of the letter showed 2017 Corporate Research International. After reading the comments posted here, I called the bank the check was drawn on to report the scam. I was told the cashiers check was fake and they would report it. I am also going to hand over the information to the police as well. It definitely pays to research when the deal is too good to be true. After all, “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”!

  31. Check here for 982.00 I’m to go to my bank cash the money order drawn on PNCBank Illinois and buy 10.00 worth of merchandise. Grade the transaction then go to Money gram send all the money to a Address in Texas minus the 170.00 I keep for myself. After transaction is dun I’m to text pic of receipt to number given to me.

    1. Noel,
      In the future do not cash the check. What you have sounds like a scam. The check will clear temporarily if you have money in your account to cover it, then it will be identified as counterfeit in a few days when it is processed. I hope you did not wire the money.

  32. i got a check from Corporate Research International, asking me to deposit, send funds, and keep balance. No reputable company pays in advance, nor unsolicited.
    i will be taking all materials to the postal inspector.
    i have worked as a mystery shopper, until i moved to Nevada. Here to be a mystery shopper you have to possess a “private investigators license, or work for a company who has those licenses.
    i have worked in California, Arizona and Michigan. It paid better in Arizona/California as I was in a small town near the Colorado River (Quartzsite) and was willing to travel up to 125 miles to “shop” as i got paid to do my own errands. i made up to $25 in single shops, as they were often hard to find someone to do those shops. other shops were more normal $3-7 shops.

  33. Just received a check today in the mail today in the amount of $1999.70 instructing me to deposit the check in my account, wait 24 hrs then withdraw the money, keep $300 for my commission and take another $70 for gas for my travels, as if they were really sending me to shop, then do the same as the others send $810 to one person and the other part to another in Texas. Such scammers! Hope they go to jail! People are really needing extra income to support their families, and these clowns are robbing people of their hard earned money, because those that fell for it had to pay their Banks back that money and probably worse! I hope they go to jail! Where are the real secret shopping networks? Do they really exist?

  34. I signed up on a paid survey site Corporate Research International, They sent me a fake certified check for $ 1,997.00 uds. They instructed me to investigate Money Gram International . They instructed me to cash check & send money via MoneyGram to 2 people in Texas and evaluate their service, & keep $300.00 as payment. I thank you very much for these posts before I got burned.

    1. What site did you sign up on? You may want to contact Stericycle to notify them of the site that you signed up with and that a scammer is using their name.

  35. I received a check (made out from HSBC) for $2,193.00 and Karl Phillips name on it!! I’ve gotten these things several times since I started searching work at home opportunities! My bank knows these checks are not legit also! I file report to as well as Federal Trade Commission everytime–need to stop these people! This check even has some pretty awesome “security features” so they’re getting better and better at producing these checks to appear legit!! If a mystery shopper made this kind of money everyone would be doing it full time!!! This particular scam is for MoneyGram and is to have $980 sent to one person in texas and $970 to another in texas! They ALWAYS come in priority mail envelope — this one has name of Samantha Mullins with a NY address but the letter has name of Melissa Phillips and email [email protected] or [email protected] Thanks for your site and the info you provide to help protect people and their finances!!!

  36. I received a check today for 1996.50 from a RST bank no phone number to the bank googled the bank no such bank available so I’m sure it’s a scam and I refuse to put it in my bank ..the name Philip Howell and also a instruction page got me twisted big liars

  37. Hello I also receives a check from this company and I did not cash them, I knew something was not right. so I threw them away, remember always no one would not just offer you money

  38. I just reported my experience with the FBI using I received a $1993.00 check and was asked to send moneygrams to 2 people in Texas, which is where I am. I sounded too good to be true and they have got to be crazy thinking that I would do anything that is associated with my bank account. I don’t know why so many people fall victim to this kind of thin. You don’t use your bank account for stuff like this, that should be your first MAJOR clue that something isn’t quite right. Hope that eventually these people will get caught and that the scams will die down.

  39. I am inquiring on a letter containing a check for$1998.00. It says I ambto deposit it, then by iTunes cards in denominations of $ 50 and $ 100 then send the pin codes and purchase receipts to him. For my commission I am to keep $ 345.00. I suspect a scam.

  40. I received a check today for 1000 998 and $0.75 from first Madison Bank and Trust I need to know if this is a legitimate Enterprise the check was sent from Judith Bryant website is Judith Bryant at and administrative at22 phone number 636 231 55719

  41. I also received a check, suppose to deposit and then transfer funds (& of course keep some for myself). If you could see the check it looks ver real, does not look fake at all.It was even mailed to me priority mail, which cost 6.80. You have no idea how I need the extra finances right was wrote on “ Great western Bank” , BY, Philip Howell. I took it to bank, they said fraud—- .How can I get started as a “LEGITIMATE HONEST SECRET SHOPPER” ??

  42. I feel like such an idiot! Like so many others, I received a check for almost 5 grand from “Corporate Research International.” I was very skeptical from the moment I got the check. I even verified that the account was legitimate and looked over the check a million times to see if I could find any signs of being fake. But I went ahead and deposited it into my bank account. I’m supposed to carry out this task tomorrow June 5th by 10AM. WHAT DO I DO? My stomach is in knots after reading everything about this scam.🙁

    1. Do not do anything that the scammer asks. You can inform your bank that you believe you were a victim of a scam. The check they sent you will bounce. They may call you and even threaten you if you dont go through with the scam. Contact the police or FBI and report that you are a victim of this scam

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