Mystery Shopping Company Review: Sinclair Customer Metrics

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Sinclair Customer Metrics (SCM) is a legitimate mystery shopping company which I have conducted many mystery shops for over the past few months. I have been promptly paid for my efforts and the shop forms are easy to complete.

Sinclair Customer Metrics
is not a huge company, like Marketforce, but they contract with a range of companies for which they have available shops. In my area they have shops ranging from banks to retail stores to quick serve restaurants. The company usually pays reimbursement up to a certain amount for your purchase and will give you a shop fee on top of that. If they are having a hard time getting a shop completed, for example a location in an airport, then they will offer a bonus on top of the regular fee. I completed a shop for them at an airport (past security) when I went on vacation a few months ago and got paid $20 + reimbursement because I got a bonus! Pretty sweet for only 10 minutes of work.

Sinclair Customer Metrics uses an online shop assignment system which is easy to use and will email you when they add new shops in your area. Their online shop reporting form is simple and uses a mix of free-form text boxes and bubbles to select. Additionally, receipts can be uploaded into the web reporting form. Sinclair requires their shoppers to complete online tutorials prior for each company they provide shops for. The tutorials are easy to understand and give the specific guidelines for the shop. Some shops are more complicated than others and the shop fee will usually reflect the level of difficulty.

Sinclair Customer Metrics pays by check each month for the previous month. There is no need to request a payment as the company automatically sends you the check. I have had an enjoyable time conducting shops for this company and urge you to sign up also!

You can sign up here to become a mystery shopper for SCM. Happy shopping!

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    1. Hi Jay! When you sign up with Sinclair Customer Metrics and log into their site, go to “Available Shops” and then “Online Scheduling” to see what shops are near you that you can self-assign. In your profile on the site you can add your zip code and a radius you will travel and that dictates what shops are shown to you in the “Online Scheduling” area. Hope that helps!

  1. This is a wonderful mystery shopping company for which I worked 18 years. They provide lots of shops and always pay on time. I think they are a founding member of the MSPA.

  2. A friend of mine did not get paid by this company….. they eventually said she had been maid while taking pucs required by the company so beware what you sign up for.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for the heads up! I have always been paid by Sinclair Customer Metrics. I cannot understand your message clearly due to typos. Did your friend not follow the directions or was she identified as a shopper and so that is why she was not paid?

      1. I think he means she got csught taking pics, in other words, blew her cover. Id think it would be ready to take pics in most cases, unless you make it really obvious.

      2. I think he means she got csught taking pics, in other words, blew her cover. Id think it would be really easy to take pics in most cases, unless you make it really obvious.

  3. I was considering signing up with Sinclair Customer Metrics. I need a little extra cash while my freelance Web Development business is unexpectedly slow, but in the online application they ask for your social security number, which makes me leery. I don’t feel comfortable providing my social to a company I have yet to know is actually legit and will give me work. It’s one thing to meet with a company in person when becoming a Web Developer contractor, compared to filling out an online application to a company that I really don’t know will provide work. It’s even harder to feel comfortable when this is mystery shopping, and there are so many scams out there related to this. As a contractor in another field I understand why they would need my social, but usually that isn’t something that is required until tax time when they need to send out 1099’s. Is there a way to get my concerns put to rest or am I stuck taking a risk I don’t feel comfortable taking.

    1. Rachel, I have worked with Sinclair Customer Metrics for years and as long as you are signing up with them and not a scammer company (you can follow the links from my site to their official site), I wouldn’t worry. I know its uncomfortable and I usually defer giving a mystery shopping company my SSN as long as I can, but some require it as soon as you sign up with them. If they offer the option on their website to give your SSN later, like after you have completed a job and need to get paid, then I usually defer. It’s up to you but I have given SCM my social and haven’t had an issue with them for the last few years. They just have to report their payments to contractors to the IRS so thats why they need it.

    1. Crys,

      Each mystery shopping company will issue you a 1099 if you make over $600 in a year with them, but you are responsible for tracking all your income and reporting it on your taxes. I use the schedule C small business form on my taxes and track all of my reimbursements and income in spreadsheets (you don’t pay taxes on anything that you are reimbursed for, just on the income from the mystery shopping fee they pay you). I use TurboTax and do my taxes myself and its not too complicated.

  4. I got offered a position in my area this morning. In the email it stated that I would make $360 a week, I’m confused after seeing your statement above about monthly checks…cm

    1. Being “offered a position” as a mystery shopper for that much money is not likely legitimate. You aren’t an employee of a mystery shopping company and only make as much as you sign up to work, not a set amount a week. I would beware if I were you

    1. John,
      I’m glad I got you concerned since it sounds like someone using Sinclair’s name is scamming you. Please report this to as well as your local police and FBI office.

  5. I just received a check $2,950.00 and was offered $360 for an assignment and they said the rest of the money was for the shopping part of the assignment. I’m a little sketchy and checking things out before depositing and making the commitment. It’s not $360 a week like C.Marie says above just for this one assignment. What is your thoughts on this?

  6. I got a first class letter with a check for 2,000 dollars from sinclair after doing an application the letter says to deposit the money in my account text a number that will give me a list if things to buy and the location it tells me to deduct 360 dollars for my salary and use the rest to get the items does this sound right to you or like a scam

    1. Jessica, Sounds like you were victim of someone impersonating Sinclair Customer Metrics who mailed you a fake check. Please report this to as well as your local police and FBI office. I have received many legit checks from SCM for work I have done for them.

  7. Are there scans with this type of work that someone should be aware of? My wife is now a part of one of these companies. Would u recommend opening a new bank account to deposit the checks from the company, rather than depositing it in your personal account

    1. Bill,
      There are many scams out there of people posing as mystery shopping companies that will mail you a check, ask you to deposit it, and then withdraw cash to wire to someone else via Western Union or MoneyGram as a “mystery shop” of those companies. This is a scam and the check will bounce so you will be out your own cash that you wired.

      Legitimate mystery shopping companies will not mail you a check and instead you will sign up online for a job, go to a store and purchase an item or service, take notes of your interaction with the staff member and write it up online, then submit the report. The mystery shopping company will then mail you a check or wire you the payment plus reimbursement about a month later. As for those legit checks, yes I would open a separate bank account if you do a lot of mystery shopping. I have a separate bank account for mystery shopping because I run it as a side business and claim it as such on my taxes.

  8. Hey this blog was very informative and beneficial, I however have a question. What are the chances of a group or individual posing under Sinclair to benefit from a scam or something of the sort and how can I verify actual assignment from them?

    1. Nicole,
      Sinclair Customer Metrics as well as many other mystery shopping companies often have their names misused by scammers. The best way to know that you are dealing with a legit company is to only accept assignments through that company’s website, do not sign up with any company that contacted you unsolicited, and make sure you are familiar with the employees of the company who may email you after you sign up with them. Only work with those you know and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  9. I jus received a letter in the mail with a 2,950 check giving me steps to follow as far as depositing the check in my account giving me strict instructions to follow after it’s done then telling me to take out $360 for my salary?? Is this legit or nah!??

    1. Billy,
      Sorry but it sounds like you fell victim to this advance fee scheme scam. Please report this to as well as your local police and FBI office. Yes, you will now owe the money to your bank since the check was a fake but perhaps they will be lenient with you if you explain that you were victimized and show them the police report. good luck!

  10. Hi i just recive a letter and a check for$2950 and also they said that i will be paid$360 for my self so i am confused they want me to deposit this money to my bank account and en wet the money from there so i dont know what to do this ia my email please earningmytocents cant u please help [email protected]

    1. Hi Maria, sounds like you got taken for a scam. Please do not deposit the check as it is likely a fake. Please report this to as well as your local police and FBI office. This is not anything that I can do anything about but the police can help you

  11. I received a letter and a check today for $2,950.00 with text instructions about depositing it into my account & then send another once it has cleared? Do you know what this is about. It looks like a photo copy letter on Sinclair stationary. Thank you for any information you may have.

    1. Mary,
      This sounds like a scam and is not how Sinclair does their business. Please report this to as well as your local police and FBI office

  12. I received a letter with a $2950 check to deposit in my account. $360 is pmt for secret shopping, the balance is to be used to purchase a list of items they give me. sounds a little hoaky. I may take it into the bank & sheriff’s office tomorrow.


  13. Good Morning Rachael,
    I’m retired and just opened my weekend mail it’s from what the enclosure says, Sinclair Customer Metrics. from a Dan Robert, co-ordinator Sinclair customer Metrics. with a phone # and a check for $2950. the enclosure says I’m to deposit this check in my personal account and text a message” FUNDS DEPOSITED” after the deposit is made. this money is to make my purchase on the shops. I’m instructed to also text “FUNDS AVAILABLE” when the funds are available. I’m to deduct $360 for my payment for the shops. this has a time line of 72hrs for assignment completion. This sounds like a money laundering scam to me. what do you say to this. the word co-ordinator is misspelled but copied from the letter.

  14. Re: the above comments regarding $360/week + legitimacy… I Googled this blog because of an email *from Sinclair Customer Metrics* offering $360 a week.

  15. I also got a letter from this company with a sizable check that I was to deposit and take $360 ( my compensation) from and I am waiting for instructions on what to buy, where to buy it and what report to fill out . I to use the balance of the money they sent to buy these things. I was not given any training, and now I’m wondering if this is a scam.

    1. Sounds like a scam. No one pays that much money for a simple mystery shop. If you receive a check in the mail and are asked to deposit it then send cash to someone else to “mystery shop” western union or another agency like that, that is the hallmark of a scam. The check will bounce days later and then you will be out any money that you wired.

  16. Hi…regarding Sinclair metrics…don’t do it people.!!!!got the email…”I will deposit in advance $360.00 today for you to do a project…i took the bait…he said,but first I need name address checking acct info….didnthear anything…a week later he emailed ” need your checking acct info again….”. I then replied ..” yeah, and I have a bridge for sale” and I blocked him….2 days later…I get a check in themail for$2950.00….yes,$2950.00 in the mail?!?!?!!…. I called immediately….no answer ..30 seconds later he calls me back…I asked what I should do with this check. .he sounded so stressed and desperate… sounded like someone in a bit of trouble poor guy…anyway…he gave me instructions to deposit it and email him immediately….and then he would clear it within 24 hrs….$360.00 was to be mine and the rest of the money was for an assignment to do mystery shopping…he didn’t have the info at that point to instruct what my mission was to be…..I deposited the check.. (money in hand makes one make bad decisions.) .it cleared in 24 hours…2 days after that, the check was pulled out of my account….Dan Roberts…if that’s his real name is playing some kind of game with the banks….don’t get involved because it’s going to blow up….worse than my experience…thank God I didn’t touch the money or I’d be paying the bank back…don’t know what he’s up to but it’s not legit…that I know..too many red flags…don’t do it!!!

    1. Hi Ellen,

      Sounds like you got scammed by someone mis-using the name of Sinclair Customer Metrics. Many mystery shopping companies are having this problem as scammers are impersonating them in an attempt to seem legitimate. But any advance deposit or checks and asking to send the money to someone else is a hallmark of a scam. BTW, no one can clear a check in a short time frame like that. The bank clears it, not the remitter. Banks clear checks quickly initially in an effort to not delay their customer’s funds but if its a bad check it will get returned within 7-10 days after the bank it was drawn on refuses it.

  17. So, I am gathering that by signing up for Sinclair…your info is sold to *other* companies who immediately try and scam you? There are so many comments about the $360…

    1. Hi Jen,
      What is happening is that several people have been contacted by the same scammer who is offering $360 for a “mystery shop”. These are not legitimate mystery shop offers from Sinclair Customer

  18. The shops are usually very easy to do. A few only take a couple of minutes. The documentation and paperwork you need to complete should only take about 30 minutes. However, the site is frequently down! Sometimes it takes hours to upload pictures. That little spinning cursor just spins and spins. If you try to close and log back in to the website, frequently I will get a message that the server is not available or something.and to try back later. This company is not able to handle the business it is trying to do. I have limited my shops there to 1 every one or two weeks because it has become a big source of aggravation instead of a little source of income. Actually, I am doing a shop now for this company as I write, Guess what has been happening most of that time! Now approaching 2 hours!

  19. Avoid at all costs. This company is scam. You pay for everything and they don’t end up reimbursing you or paying you for anything!

    1. Tim, that sucks that you had a bad experience with SCM. I haven’t had an issue getting reimbursed from them. Did you discuss the issue with SCM staff?

  20. I received an assignment with a check for shopping today from Trevor Johnson. The check is dren from a SunTrust Bank
    Purchased by Michelld Trimble
    My name is Phyllis Ledbetter
    Please verify authenticity.

    1. Hi, I cannot verify authencity but that sounds like it is a fraud. Sinclair does not send out checks for people to cash as mystery shops.

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