Guest Post: How Much Should a Mattress Cost?

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Today we have a guest post from John Monts at Saatva Mattress, an eco-friendly and affordable mattress company.

If you are looking to buy a mattress, you have probably noticed the staggering differences in prices between different models. There are some mattresses that can go for under $100 while other, top end mattresses can top out in the thousands of dollars. And, with that kind of incomprehensible variety of choices, materials, sizes, and everything else, you are probably left thinking: how much should I really spend on one of these things?

What it really comes down to with buying a mattress is that you should pay for the best one you can afford. I’m sure we’ve all heard this statistic before, but you spend at least a third of your day in bed (given you sleep for an average of 8 hours every night). The point is, sleep is absolutely necessary for you to continue living your life, and high quality sleep especially helps with all sorts of body functions, giving you not only higher energy levels but also lowering the chance of heart problems and helping you to maintain a healthy weight.           

Anyway, you want the sleep that you get, whether it is 8 hours a night, 6 hours a night, or sometimes only 4 or 5 hours, to be as high quality as possible. You want to cut down on tossing and turning, waking up in the middle of the night, or waking up in the morning feeling sore or still tired. A good way to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated is by purchasing a quality mattress instead of a cheap mattress.

Stay away from the cheap stuff

So, as we just covered, you want to stay away from mattresses whose purpose is to be extremely affordable, if you can afford to buy a more expensive mattress. But does that mean that you should buy the most expensive mattress you can afford? Yes and no. If the most expensive mattress in your budget is a high quality mattress, that may be your best bet. But, if money isn’t an object in the matter, you could find yourself spending upwards of $10,000 on a mattress that is no better than a different mattress you could get for a fraction of the price.

Buy the best, not the most expensive, mattress you can afford

So, to address the original question of “how much should a mattress cost,” it is mostly dependent on what it is you want in a mattress. You are going to want to buy the best mattress you can afford, but that doesn’t mean you should throw your life savings away on a mattress that costs a lot of money but doesn’t necessarily fill your needs.           

In order to find the mattress that is best for you, make sure that you spend a lot of time looking and shopping for mattresses. Also, be sure to test them out extensively before you purchase one. After all, the most important thing when it comes to what mattress you have is that it helps you to recover from a long day.           

So: how expensive should a mattress be? It really is up to you. Shop wisely.

John Monts is a content writer and blogger for Saatva. John is currently a student at UC Davis, studying Political Science and Economics.

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  1. Rightly said in the blog, the best price mattress is the one that you can afford. It is not like that the higher price mattress is always comfortable than the lower priced one. Actually one has to choose the mattress according the body type and need of sleep. To get the ideas about buying the best mattresses that too at very affordable price, have a look at Houston discount mattresses.

  2. good post john
    and don’t forget about your sleep positions
    because mattress requirements for every sleep positions is different


  3. These are great tips! People often buy the first thing that comes by, it is important to consider all of these things to make the right purchasing decision

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