Use Scantopia to Make Money and Get Coupons from Scanning Barcodes

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Scantopia is a cool new app which allows users to make money, enter jackpot giveaways, and win coupons just from scanning barcodes of everyday items. You don’t have to upload your receipt information or even have to buy the item you scan, just scan the barcode of an item and voila, Scantopia will give you cash, tokens to enter their weekly sweepstakes, or coupons that they will email to you. The Scantopia app is free and available for download for both iPhone and Android (use code CU-J74-3A when you sign up).

Whether you are at home or at a store, launch the Scantopia app on your phone and start scanning anything with a barcode. The app will recognize most grocery items but even if it doesn’t recognize it you can still get credit and can tell the app what it is. Each barcode you scan will win a prize! That prize may be cash from $.05 to $1.00 or more, tokens to enter their monthly sweepstakes and jackpot giveaway, and/or coupons that they will email to you. You can scan 15 items every 7.5 hours before you run out of energy. When you run out you can wait a half hour to scan again (a half hour wait equals one unit of energy) or you can ask friends who also use Scantopia and Facebook friends to give you more energy. Every day there are special super scan items which pays cash to the first group of people who scan that particular item from their home location (they give you $1 when you set your home location via GPS). You can cash out via Paypal when your balance reaches $3.00 minimum.
When you scan items, you win tokens which can be used to enter Scantopia’s progressive weekly jackpot or their “weird sweepstakes”. The progressive jackpot grows with each scan by a Scantopia user, up to $1000! You can put the tokens you earn that week into the progressive jackpot or you can use them to enter Scantopia’s “weird sweeps”, which offers gift cards to Walmart, books, cookware sets, workout videos, and even a giant 5lb gummy bear. The prizes rotate often. Both the progressive jackpot and the weird sweeps tell you how many entries are in each so you can maximize your chances of winning.

In addition to winning cash and sweepstakes tokens, Scantopia gives you coupons. You can win coupons by scanning items or you can just go directly into the coupons and deals section of the app, select the coupons you need, and Scantopia will email them to you. This is a great resource for extra coupons and you don’t need to scan items to get them.

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