Mystery Shopping Company Review: About Face

Uncategorized / Monday, September 21st, 2015

About Face is a legit mystery shopping company that I have been doing shops for over the past year. They pay on time and have one of my favorite cosmetics shops as their client. I can’t say who the client is but I always snap it up when I see it is available because I love getting to shop for cosmetics and get reimbursed for makeup and skin care items that I would buy anyway. The majority of the shops that I have completed for About Face have been cosmetics shops, but they also have other shop types available like home services, online shops, and hotels.

The availability of shops depends on your location. Baton Rouge is not a very big city so there are often one or two About Face shops available at a time in my town, but larger cities have more shops available. About Face is not a huge company and does not have a ton of clients, so they do not always have a long list of shops to choose from. Recently I got approved to do a monthly assignment for them so that will offer some consistent work for me.

You can assign yourself shops from the About Face website and to do so you will have to read instructions and pass a quiz to assign yourself different types of shops. This ensures that you will understand all the instructions for the shop and what is expected of you for successful completion. Usually the instructions are  only about 2-3 pages and you don’t have to pass the quiz each time you assign yourself a shop, just once per client/shop type.

You will also get emails from About Face offering new assignments so you will be alerted when there is something that you might be interested in. I have had positive experiences emailing with their schedulers and they can help clarify instructions for you or help you reschedule a shop. After you complete a shop, sometimes you will get an email back giving you a score and feedback on how well you carried out the shop. This feedback is to let you know whether you are hitting your marks and to alert you to things to be aware of to change for future shops (like punctuation errors or if you need to give more information to clarify your answer).

About Face pays via Paypal and I have never had an issue receiving payment from them. They send payment 45 days after the shop is completed so it is a long wait, but that it pretty on par with other mystery shopping companies. Once you get into a groove and are completing shops every month, the payments will keep coming every month for the shops you completed in the months before.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m brand new to the mystery shopping world and just received my first assignment from About Face to deposit a cashiers check into my account and let them know once complete so they can release the funds. Do you have experience with one of this nature? Thank you in advance.


  2. I’m confused as to why they sent me a check for $2450 with specific instructions on how to deposit and to text them when it is done, when it is available extra. Is this legit?

  3. I am a mystery shopper with over 10 companies in my area, I did a job for them in April on the 30th and May 3rd. They did not pay me on June 17th and 20th which is the 45 day time frame. I reached out to them on the 21st and they said they would pay me on the 28th via PayPal, its is now the 3rd and still no payment. I have tried to reach out to them via phone and email and through the link they have listed on the invoice for overdue payments. I am now only receiving automated responses redirecting me to the link. They are not responding and they are not paying. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone, this is mystery shopping not mystery pay. Now I have to file a formal complaint with the better business bureau to try to get this resolved.

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