Mystery Shopping Company Review: MaritzCX

Uncategorized / Monday, October 16th, 2017

MaritzCX is the largest custom research company in the United States and is among the top 15 largest in the world. They offer a ton of mystery shopping jobs for clients in banking, oil & gas, home improvement, cell phone, and other retail businesses. I have been mystery shopping for MaritzCX since 2014 and have completed almost 300 mystery shops for them so far. I especially love that you can shop gas stations and create routes which are practical (because who doesn’t need gas for their car?) and also offer an opportunity to do a string of mystery shops in a day and up your income.

MaritxCX staff are divided into teams based on what client they service and representatives will call you if they have shops in your area that you might be able to complete. They also offer bonuses for shops that they haven’t gotten done on time and those are usually offered at the end of the month or as the campaign comes to a close. You can negotiate a bonus on the phone with them but they also list bonuses online when you self-assign from their user friendly website. You can also easily call and ask for an extension for a shop (or request one online) if something came up and you need to reschedule. They try to be pretty flexible and I really appreciate that.

They pay promptly twice a month and will pay out for whatever shops have been completed and approved by that time. They now offer direct deposit so there’s no need to wait for a check to arrive either.

One of my favorite things about MaritzCX is that they always have a ton of shops available in my area, which means that I can find consistent mystery shopping work with them. I do not live in a large metropolitan area but still can find tons of shops.

MaritzCX also recently came out with an app which I have not used yet since many of the shops I complete for them are not compatible with the app yet.

You can sign up to be a shopper with MaritzCX here.

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  1. I believe I have just sent my application. I’m curious as to weather if you ever have shoppers travel?

    1. Mystery shopping companies rarely will ask a shopper to travel, but they may have shops available in other locations you may choose to travel to. There are some mystery shopping companies that will offer mystery shops of cruise ships and hotels but MaritzCX does not offer those kinds of shops.

  2. I received a letter from your company with a check attached. It was giving me instructions on what to do in acquiring gift cards from Walmart and CVS. I am leery of this since there are so m any people who are trying to harm others in our world.

    I would love to be paid the $450.00 that the letter stipulates would be my pay but I need more information in order to feel secure as I am alone without much income and I cannot afford a blunder in my finances.

    My biggest question would be to know how your company got my name and address?

    I would also like to find out more about how I can become a secret shopper on a regular basis if you could send me that information as well.

    Please have a great day!

    Bridget Engle

    1. Hi Bridget,
      I don’t work for Maritz and am merely a shopper for them. What you are describing is a scam. Maritz does not pay that much and does not ask people to purchase gift cards. I do not know how the scammers got your information, but they could have purchased your information from the dark web or a marketing list. Please do not proceed with this.

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